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Selecting the stone for the countertops is a quite difficult decision, there are different options in the market, the most famous is quartz countertops, but there are some problems associated with it, we are going to discuss those problems. The alternative is granite countertops; you should search for, quartz countertops near me and visit them.

Heat damage is a big issue
Naturally, quartz is resistant to heat, but when quartz is engineered, and polymer and resin are added in it, the heat resistance decreases. Therefore, if you are exposing quartz countertops to the extreme heat, they would be damaged and discolored. Some of the problems which arise include cloudiness and the spotting.
The experts claim that quartz can handle temperature up to 300 degrees that, too, without damage, while some believe that it can only handle 150 degrees. The exact threshold of the stone depends on the finishing and the quality work of the manufacturer. Even if you are using quartz, use a pad between the quartz countertop and hot cooking items.
Some homeowners reported that the heat of the warm water used for the dishwashing when to put directly on the countertops could lead to a change in the color of the countertops. In short, if you are concerned about the heat damage, you should not buy a quartz countertop.
The installation of quartz is very difficult
The installation of the quartz countertop is also difficult. It is not possible to install quartz on your own; you would require the services of the professionals for leveling, measuring, and securing the stone on the cabinets.
The weight of quartz is also a problem when installing it; it is up to 25 pounds per square foot. When the professionals are installing the quartz countertop, they would inspect the foundation and ensure that it can safely handle the countertop.
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